L Hanson Consulting was created in 2002 by Linda Hanson.  Over the past three years I have worked with her, completing my internship and receiving licensure as a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant.  Effective December 2011, I am the new owner and president of L Hanson Consulting. 

L Hanson Consulting has been a leader in excellent medical case management services and return to work services.  It is a continuation of quality and professional case management services in Rochester and Southern Minnesota.

I am a Registered Nurse, licensed as a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant and am working on my Master's degree in Nursing.  I have been a nurse since 2004 and have experience in management as well as critical care.  I worked in a Level 1 Trauma ICU in St. Paul as well as a Cardiac ICU in Denver.  I also have experience in Neuro and Ortho Trauma.  

In my practice, I strive to provide an effective, successful resolution to cases, involving all parties in a team approach. Please feel free to contact me via E-Mail here or by phone at 507.282.6882 or by fax at 507.282.6885.